Stargate Atlantis is another series of TV show Stargate SG-1. The story is a branch extended from SG-1.

A stargate at south pole on the Earth is discovered in a certain episode in SG-1 series. This stargate can go to the actual place of Atlantis, a base with high technologies at another star. An SG team was sent to Atlantis base to research technologies developed by Ancients, which is the race built Atlantis. This is the starting point of Stargate Atlantis.

Visual design and artifacts are very beautiful. The brilliant Atlantis base is the most impressing.

The characters of this series is more attractive than SG-1. Weir and Teyla are very pretty. Sheppard is very handsome and smart. McKay is the funniest character! Moreover, there are many attractive guest stars. @_@