This is a book by Soren Kierkegaard. I enjoy his concepts very much. There should be only one type of Christians in the world, but we always produce other “types".

99% of Christians in church live just as THEY like, but never try to walk on the true narrow path. If we are walking on the true narrow path, the path should be more and more narrow, and more and more problems and rocks on the road. If you feel that your life to be a Christian is very relaxing and there is not any burden, that’s really a problem.

If we are really walking on the true narrow path, there must be more and more precious that we have always been treasuring we need to give up.

There was also a little special matter happened about this book. One day, I planned to share concepts in this book as part of my sermon in college students fellowship. However, our pastor, Timothy, shared about the same concept in this book in another event before me on the same day. I felt surprised because I was reading the same book as that of my pastor, and I had to re-prepare the content of my sermon in 30 minutes in order to avoid repeating! -_-!