I am reading the book “If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat". The writer John Ortberg mentioned about a story of an insurance salesman, Bob.

One day, Bob talked with his pastor, Doug Coe. Bob mentioned about a statement in the Bible where Jesus says, “Ask whatever you will in my name, and you shall receive it." Bob asked Doug if that’s true. Bob decided to pray for Kenya, which is one country in Africa. He even didn’t know anything about this place, however he decided to start praying for it.

So Doug made an unusual arrangement. He challenged Bob to pray every day for six months for Kenya. If Bob would do that and nothing extraordinary happened, Doug would pay him five hundred dollars. But if something remarkable did happen, Bob would pay Doug five hundred dollars. And if Bob did not pray every day, the whole deal was off.

Finally, Bob really prayed for Kenya everyday, and something extraordinary really happened on Bob. I don’t want to talk about what exactly happened but you can refer to the book if you are interested.

John Ortberg, who is the writer of this book, also gives every reader the Bob challenge. He asks if there is anything, for example, one area of the world, or one cause, or one need that’s bigger than myself would I be willing to pray for and he would like to make a deal. He challenges every reader to pray for six months. If a reader pray everyday for six months and nothing extraordinary happens, the reader may write him and he would give a refund on the cost of this book. To the contrary, he asks readers to write and tell him about that if something exraordinary does happen.

I feel interested in this deal the writer makes. He really encourages many readers to start praying every day by gambling theory. By the way, that’s just a practical method to arouse. I also gonna to try as this book is really not cheap. Let’s see what will happen on me by 1st of August.