I read Richard Foster’s “Celebration Discipline" during last month. This book was written in 70s. The writer criticized the generation he was in when the most problem was too superficiality. It’s still the same and even more nowadays. We are always requiring quickness, convenience, perfunctoriness.

I’m a bookworm that I always want to finish reading books in front on me. However, I was surprised at first by the weekly schedule of scriptures on each chapter in this book “Celebration of Discipline". That means I can’t finished reading the book as fast as I want. I have to read and meditate the scriptures on schedule set by the writer everyday. That’s a big test to me as I am such a quick person that I usually read books without digesting deeply and only want to finished the reading as soon as possible.

The book gives some profound and powerful opinions and practical suggestions on the aspects of discipline: meditation, prayer, fasting, simplicity, solitude, services, etc. The writer emphasizes that discipline is not to be our real focus, but we are to place ourselves before God so that he can transform us.

This book reminds me that I really need time and space for myself, to focus, to listen, to feel, and to put my minds and plans in order.