Doug Banister talked about his failure, not his success.

He did reflect his real life in this book. That’s the most touching part for me. He described his desire to achieve, to win favor from his superiors, to success. That’s a socially acceptable addiction. In fact, he was just trying to escape the emptiness. That’s just low self-esteem and depression, because of that he failed to bond intimately with God. He said, “We too quick yield the right to redeem and destroy to other people – especially significant, strong people who speak powerfully in our lives."

Even he built a growing church, many people invited him to give a speech in seminars, he was successful in many people’s eyes, he failed. He crashed. Relationships was damaged. Church was suffered from the issues.

No matter how good one person do, he will fail, if he has not true intimacy with God.

However, that’s just the place where we encounter Jesus. We experience Jesus at the shadowy valley. We failed, we discovered we can’t do anything without Jesus. We have to rebuild our intimacy with God. The shadowy valley is not an end but where the true life begins.

By the way, if u want to read this book, beware his concepts on convergence of Evangelicalism and Pentecostalism.