Cyprus(塞浦路斯) is an island nation in the Mediterranean Sea(地中海). It was a colony of British since 1878 and gained independence in 1960. It was divided into two partitions: Republic of Cyprus and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, since the Greek military coup and Turkish invasion in 1974.

I didn’t know anything about Cyprus except its Chinese translation name, until I read Operation World last night and it was talking about Cyprus.

I also just read about an Africa country called Côte d’Ivoire. As I was in a tired status when I read this country, I stared at the name “Côte d’Ivoire" for a while, was shocked by this name and only thought why I couldn’t pronounce it. It was not an pronoucable English name in such an English book and I wondered why. At last I found from world map that it’s Ivory Coast in English (象牙海岸) in fact. Its Chinese translation name is even a name that I learnt in World Cup 2006 in last year: 科特廸瓦.