The writer of “Executive Intelligence", Justin Menkes, distinguishes “intelligence" from knowledge, experience, charisma, personality and academic results. He states that when one handles a issue, should apply a series of thinking method that can really tend to solve the problem.

It mentions three layers of thinking steps of executive intelligence: task, people and self. I discovered that the weakest point of me about executive intelligence is “task", though I’m a task-oriented person. That’s actually the difference between intelligence and personality.

This book reminded me very much about the approach I handle problems. I always focus on how to behave, without concerning the actual issues. I always let plans run without suring if it can be run smoothly, the most problem is that I seldom concentrate on the main issue and just let errors come out to gain experience in failure. Experience is necessary, but the main point should be the task can be completed. This book helps me to refocus on issues I have to face.