Quote from “Everybody’s normail till you get to know them", again.

“What people want from God is not really forgiveness and reconciliation but merely punishment-avoidance. And forgiveness is not the same thing as allowing someone to avoid pain. It is longing for their spiritual well-being, which includes desiring that they become loving persons."

That’s exactly what the problem: Human abuse and waste forgiveness from God.

“True forgiveness is never cheap. Hurt is deep; hurt is unfair. You want the offenders to know the pain they have inflicted on you. You want them to get paid back. What you are eating at the banquet of bitterness is your own heart."

This statement awoke me from my sadness and resentment. Thanks God for forgiving me and releasing me.

“You were shown forgiveness but won’t give it, offered grace but won’t extend it, showered with love but you won’t live in it. I offered you the miacle of forgiveness, a chance to live beyond a ‘you hurt me I’ll hurt you back’ world. But you can’t receive it for yourself and deny it to others. It’s a package deal."

I want to get what God offers me.