By Ron Luce with Mike Guzzardo. This book takes a look to the young people in American. It unveiled how the interation between this youth generation and pop-culture affects future.

The most significant concepts are courage, endurance, devotion and commitment in the battle.

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." 2Tim 4:7

“Gideon needed courage when he had to send all but 300 of his soldiers home even though they were about to face a great army. Often times God wants to do great things through us, but we lack the guts."

“Courage does not mean you are fearless; it means you’re willing to move through your fear."

“The devil isn’t afraid of your perfection – that’s a lost cause no matter how good you think you are. What he fears most is your endurance, because he knows if you hang in there by the power of God, you’ll eventually win."

An example of devotion:
“There’s another famous story of a caption who led his troops to a far away land by way of the sea. After the troops left the ship, the captain had the boats burned. When his warriors saw this, they knew there was no way they were going back. The only direction they could go was forward – and straight toward the enemy."

This book is quite encouraging. Good for me while I’m down.