CM2007 was a place with full of energy, interacting with different cultures, and unmeasurable combinations and possibilities.

There were so many people from different countries, nations, cultures, with different shape and eyes and skin colors, using different languages. However, you can always be confident to greet, smile, talk, laugh, share, with anyone, and 100% can make more and more new friends with anyone at any time at any place. I had never been at a place with such type of wordless connections!

As one of my Korean friend mentioned in his letter, I do think this is part of Heaven!

CM2007是一個滿有活力, 交集著世界各地不同文化, 能夠拼發出無限個可能的地方.

成千上萬不同國家民族文化, 不同語言和膚色的人聚集在這裏. 可以, 你永遠都可以很自信地隨時隨地與任何人打招呼, 微笑, 談話, 大笑, 分享. 何時何地都可以認識很多來自不同國家地區的朋友. 我從來沒有經歷過像這樣人與人之間的那份親切.

正如一位韓國朋友寫信給我時所說的, 大概這是就是天堂的一個部份吧!