Thanks for that I was divided from the large group and went for the site visiting tour with two Koreans and two Ukrainians. That gave me much quality time to hang with foreigners, talked with them in a certain depth.

Wherever to go is not a point, but the point is who you go with. I will always miss you and you are always in my deep heart, my lovely friends.

有賴於我從隊伍裏被拆開了出來, 與兩位韓國人和兩位烏克蘭人一同去觀光之旅, 我能有較長較深入與他們談話相交的時間機會.

重要的不是去甚麼地方, 而是與甚麼人一起去. 親愛的朋友們, 我會時常在心底裏掛念著你們.

非免費時間, 出入地鐵就要使用地鐵票.
We have to use ticket to go through subways at non-free time.

Movements everywhere, friends everywhere