I started watching this tv show weeks ago. I’m watching the first season.

It talks about Sydney Bristow, casted by Jennifer Garner, is a spy of secret organization SD-6, which is assumed part of CIA. However, something happened and Sydney discovered that SD-6 is not part of CIA but a terrorist organization. So Sydney became a double agent of CIA in SD-6 and wants to terminate SD-6 by supplying informations to CIA.

Jennifer Garner gets a dynamic image and varied style in every episode. Another actor I like very much is Victor Garber who’s acting as Jack Bristow that’s father of Sydney Bristow casted by Jennifer Garner.

The character Arvin Sloane is a bad guy in the story, however, I like Ron Rifkin’s casting. As Sydney Bristow is a double agent of CIA in SD-6 and Arvin Sloane is her head in SD-6, the most attractive key of the show is that how Sydney Bristow to be a double agent without being discovered by others, especially not by Arvin Sloane.


戲中講述Sydney Bristow(由Jennifer Garner飾演), 是秘密組織SD-6的間諜. 據她理解, SD-6是CIA的一個部門. 但一些事情的發生, 使Sydney發現SD-6是一個犯罪組織, 而非CIA. 從此, Sydney成為真正的CIA情報員, 在SD-6做卧底, 目的是要揭發並瓦解SD-6.

Jennifer Garner每集都形象百變, 可塑性甚高. 此外, 我很喜歡飾演Jack Bristow, 即Sydney Bristow父親的演員Victor Garber.

我也很喜歡Ron Rifkin飾演的奸角Arvin Sloane. 由於Sydney Bristow是在SD-6作卧底, 而Arvin Sloane是SD-6的首領, 戲中最吸引的地方就是Sydney不讓SD-6發現自己的卧底身份, 特別是不要被Sloane發現.