Max Lucado looked into David’s story. By watching David’s rise and fall time, we see how God worked in his life during all of these different circumstances. Goliath is not just a certain person or a difficult situation, but every moment in our life.

May be that’s because I’m familiar with the topic and I felt quite bored while reading the first several chapters. However, Max Lucado went into some parts in David’s life where I didn’t care much before.

Max Lucado 從大衛的故事裏, 寫出神如何在大衛生命裏每個高低起跌的時刻工作. 哥利亞不單是指某個人或某個困難的境況, 而是我們生命中的每一個時刻.

頭幾章的內容在我比較沉悶, 可能是因為此書的主題在我並不陌生. 不過作者在後半部能深入到大衛的故事裏某些我從前比較少留意的情節.