The main idea about SHAPE is about:

1. Spiritual Gifts
2. Heart
3. Abilities
4. Personality
5. Experiences

These are SHAPE of us and Erik Rees introduce the process to find and work out our SHAPE step by step in this book. By the way, SHAPE is just one part and Erik Rees also put emphasis on that we need to use our SHAPE as a gift to serve others, and we need a team.


When we engage in superficial relationships, we tend to downplay the negative emotions we are feeling. When others ask us how we are doing, we say, “Just fine," to avoid appearing weak or needy. … My friend Frank once told me that FINE stands for “Feelings Inside Never Expressed." I can’t count the number of times I’ve answered, “I’m fine," when in reality I’m anything but fine. I simply don’t want to burden anyone with my “stuff". … I’m talking about being honest with the significant people in your life – the people you love and who love you in return.