Gary Gilley tells the dangers of market-driven church. He talks about how modern church creates a false God with philosophies and pyschology instead of truth from Scripture.

The author questions that evangelical church develop a pyschologized church for unchurched Harry. That makes a shift in the church’s focus from God to human needs. Reaching out becomes trying to fulfill the requirement of human. Besides his emphasized fundamentalism, I admit that modern Christians always fall on the intention to get self-fulfilment seeking instead of knowledge of God from scripture. People want to go to a church where they can feel God. They attend church to experience God, to come into his presence, to have a divine rendezvous. Attend church not out of loyalty, duty, obligation, or gratitude, but only if it meets their needs.

That’s worth to return focus onto the true message from scripture instead of market driven and human needs oriented psychological prescriptions. It’s refreshing to be considerate toward Gary Gilley’s view point.