“Birth" is a movie I’ve just seen. This is a very special story. Anna(by Nicole Kidman)’s husband, Sean, has been dead for 10 years. When Anna has just recovered from grief, and engaged to Joseph, a boy who was 10 years old appeared and told her not to marry to Joseph, and the boy said and showed that he’s Sean.

The movie is showing the process how Anna’s mind is changing, from being ready to marry, to choosing runaway with the boy. Anna was scared at first when she met the boy. It’s so unexpected that the boy will appear and mention about Sean. Then she was angry to the boy. But when she met the boy more, she was more convinced that the boy is really Sean.

Why Anna can be convinced so easily? Maybe that’s what an unexpected death will cause. The wound is so heavy and deep.

I think I will never understand how “she" feel.

剛看完了"越世驚情"這電影. 情節很獨特. Anna(Nicole Kidman所飾)的丈夫Sean已經死了十年. 正當Anna從她的悲傷中復原, 與Joseph訂婚時, 一個十歲的男孩出現, 向她說他是Sean, 並且叫她不要嫁給Joseph.

Anna內心不斷變化著. 初時她因這男孩的出現而害怕. 這個男仔出現, 並提到Sean, 都在Anna的意料之外. 然後她是因為這男孩而感到氣憤. 但當她見到這男孩愈多, 她就慢慢開始相信他就是Sean.

為甚麼Anna會那麼輕易就相信了? 我想可能是一個突然的死亡造成的. 內心的傷痛比想像中深重.

我想, 我也很難明白"她"的感受.