Judy introduced me this restaurant yesterday. This restaurant locates at Regedor in Taipa. Their king size hamburger is tasty. Their Cesar salad is big size and good. Even as garnish of a main course, the salad tastes very good.

Their dishes are very good and I felt their heart on every detail in the food.

I would like to tell you how I feel from usual desserts made by ordinary shops before I talk about the desserts of Frangi Grill.

As I always make cakes by myself and I learned making and tried many kinds of cakes and desserts, it’s a problem that I feel the cakes from other shops (bread shop, dessert shop, whatever) always taste bad. I always experience scenes when all of my friends are enjoying desserts bought from bread shop except that I feel the desserts taste terrible.

When I went to Frangi Grill, I also worried about that their dessert might not taste good for the reason I mentioned before. Judy and I ordered two desserts. I tried their chocolate banana and Serradurra. Their chocolate pieces taste really good! Although I’m not a chocolate lover, I know how to identify if a piece of chocolate is good or bad. The chocolate pieces act as a foil in the desserts only, however, I determine this kind of chocolate pieces is expensive ingredients. Frangi Grill are really serious in every detail in their dishes.

However, their dishes are not expensive, and they don’t add 10% to their price. I will introduce this restaurant to more friends.