Finally I’ve started to read this book. O Palmer Robertson analyses different kinds of sexual relationships, based on the book of Genesis in bible. I’m still reading, and feeling the author touches my heart.

“Unrequited love is a reality that must be faced by many people. This heartrending situation may extend across the years, and never be resolved with any satisfaction. Leah must be commended for displaying a faith that continued to look to the Lord in her distress. Even though she showed her resentment toward her sister in a very human response, she nonetheless persisted in crying out to the Lord and acknowledging his gracious help. Little more can be expected of God’s people who suffer from unrequited love in any generation."

“Virtually any marriage can work, so long as people are willing to surrender personal preferences for the greater good of a stable relationship."

From now on, I have to make myself become a haphazard person, and dump my original format of living: always fine planed and do everything effectively. Because I’ve entered a haphazard place, and I just want to love people at this place. I must love them more than my life.