The first chapter of Ron L. Deal’s “The Smart Step-Family" impresses me while my recent bible study is focused on Exodus.

Recently I’ve read several books on topics about stepfamilies and marriages. I can’t imagine if I haven’t read these books. Each book supports me in a specific way and give me a hand on my current situation. However, “The Smart Step-Family" restrengthen me by God’s words while I’m facing an issue of identity crises.

Ron Deal dives so deep in Exodus and applies the case about wilderness vs Caanan, God vs Israelites, to my current situation. He says that people as stepparents always get a major and critical problem. They are always be self-doubt and want to fall back while facing issues in stepfamilies, just like the Israelites in wilderness.

I think about every moments in past when I was acting like an Israelites in wilderness, whenever I encountered any issue, and I feel much better now.

Enjoy being handled by God instead of wishing God to handle the issues I’m facing. This is my prayer always in my mind in these days.