Just finished Chapter 2 of “The Smart Stepfamilies". Ron Deal mentions that humor is one of our equipment to hang on during tough environment. He says he search through bible but he can’t find any so-called “perfect" family.

Adam and Eva didn’t know how to teach kids. Abraham and Sarah didn’t know how to protect their marriage. Jacob got two jealous wives and their sons planned to kill Joseph. David’s son raped his daughter. Even the most “normal" family, the “modeling" pair Isaac and Rebekah got a big gap on Esau and Jacob and that affects later lives of both Esau and Jacob very much. Every family gets their specific own problems.

However, the most appreciated love story is about Boaz and
the widow Ruth. The best “father" in bible is Mordecai who was actually stepfather of Esther. Our Lord Jesus was grown up by Joseph, who was Jesus’ stepfather indeed. Joseph was dead very likely before Jesus did his first sign in wedding in Cana and went into public, and Mary became a single parent when Jesus was still very young.

Although God desired one man and one woman in marriage, there is not ideal marriage or perfect family from our imaginations. All about is how we experience and gain in reality, walk in God’s way, and love for God’s sake.