Ron Deal’s idea again. I would like to put down a note and remind myself.

I need to change something. It’s not about others, just myself.

1. Learn to enjoy the current status instead of make becoming and insider.
2. Relax and stop expecting too much of myself.

“It takes fifteen years to learn how to parent a fifteen-year-old. I just got one yesterday, and no matter what I do, I’m fifteen years behind
David Mills, therapist"

Dear me, please always remember.

come on girl, where is your humor?

what if she assumes me as a friend?
she said blah blah blah made me feel depressed
but she said blah blah blah …but I’m a friend for her
she assumes me as a FRIEND
hey, please ignore blah blah blah and be fed by the good news
isn’t it a new identity better than the wicked pre-stepmonster?
what an up-to-date good news!?
what a big progress!?
isn’t it what you have been expecting for a long time?
let’s show up. let’s cheer. let’s pick up a loudspeaker and tell everyone.