You may notice lyrics of the song “I would be true" that put in my blog’s widget. I read 蘇恩佩’s book “死亡別狂傲" and I saw the lyrics. I love the lyrics so much because it always encourage me no matter what I am facing. I had never thought about searching for the actual song to hear, until one day my friend May told me about this song she saw in my blog, is a certain Chinese version “我要真誠", and I discovered this song gets two melodies. I had already known and sang this song in many different lyrics with two series of melodies “我要真誠" and “Danny Boy" for years, even sang in choirs for many times. Thanks May for letting me know that. I moved by the lyrics in past, now I love the whole song.

I love Danny Boy by Eva Cassidy for many years and I have never heard any person perform this song moving me so much

This is a version in yout ube I found recently, a very nice Tenor, duet with an Alto.