It’s long since last time I posted about reading a book (ok, ok, it’s long since last post last time I posted)

Being very very far far away from my beloved book shelves in my macau home, at least I can have handful books with me by now.

However, I can’t read my lovely books recently. I have to study professional books for certifications during this year. I’ve finished one cert exam in April, painfully and hardly because I only gave my-poor-self 1 month for study. I swear I will never treat myself so cruel anymore!!

I’m preparing another coming exam. I’ve done 1 book, but there are still 3 books to read. I got a cold last week and that made me can’t study at all. Normally I can finish at least 50 pages everyday, but I am out of schedule now since my cold. I’ve just recovered. Wish that I can return to my normal tempo.

My target is to finish the next exam in Oct and return to my beloved books, addoil!